Drama Lessons

Is drama lessons the right extra-curricular for your child?

Our dedicated team of teachers makes drama lessons fun and engaging – and our syllabus has proven to equip students of all ages not only for practical performance on-stage but for life in general.


TINY TOTS (3-7-year-olds)

These Drama-movement group classes are focussed on learning drama in a creative environment where we teach improvisation, movement, body awareness, and basic text. Part of our curriculum includes music appreciation, rhythm, and basic coordination skills – which makes this an excellent preparatory course for very young students wishing to enroll for music lessons later on in life. 

COST: 45 Minute lessons (once a week) cost R650 per month.

GROUP DRAMA CLASSES (7-18-year-olds)

Our students will razzle-dazzle you, and we have a way of bringing out the shine in any superstar!
We cover all facets of a standard drama curriculum, such as movement, poetry, prose, scenes from popular plays, public speaking and voice work. Each student is placed in a small group with students in the same age group allowing for individual attention but opening the door to fun group performances and focus studies too.

COST: Group hour lessons (once a week) cost R800 per student per month.

Note: As a new student you will be charged a once-off registration fee of R250 which secures your time-slot and buys you a Bright Ivory Flip-File and all learning material.

Formal drama training for all ages

We offer structured courses designed by Trinity College London to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills over time for the student who wishes to do drama exams.  Trinity College is a globally recognized, highly esteemed international examination board for performing arts and English language.

Adult drama courses

If you are an adult wishing to add an international teaching or performance diploma to your resume, this is for you!

We offer diploma courses in many avenues of the Arts through Trinity College of London. 

These courses are also the ideal next-step for senior students who have had previous drama training and now wish to attain further accreditation. 

Course length and cost varies greatly – but our rates remain the same: Our fees are R400 per hour for one-on-one tutoring. We are always willing to have an info session with prospective students to better guide them in selecting the right course and amount of lesson-time for them.  

Top 5 Reasons why The Bright Ivory is the best choice for drama lessons in Johannesburg:

  • Our lessons assist students to become more poised and self-confident, and to develop the skills required for effective communication – both audible and visual.
  • Our drama syllabus intensifies the student’s awareness of people and helps them to understand and co-operate better with others.
  • We have the best drama teachers in the business – with many of them being well-known TV and stage actors and directors.
  • We offer lessons six days a week, so finding a lesson time that suits you won`t be a problem for us.
  • While many new drama schools are opening up in the area, we have a proven track record. The Bright Ivory was founded in 2014, and we recently signed a new lease at our Kingfisher studios where we`ll be offering our world-class drama lessons forever – almost!

We have simplified our enrollment process, and we won`t ask you to sign any contracts. If you are ready, you can sign up for lessons here